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My Portfolio - March 2020

*Portfolio return takes into consideration brokerage costs of $50 per trade.

*Mostly fundamental analysis for the selection of stocks while leveraging on technical analysis to obtain entry/exit prices.


Exited TSLA and ALB before the market dropped, yearning a profit of 20%. On the other hand, I acquired XOM and adding on more China unit trust due to a strong belief in a rebound in Oil prices (Necessity, we will need oil even in 5-10 years down the road) and market prices (Based on historical trend). Overall, my portfolio return for March 2020 is in red, which is expected and quite reasonable due to the market downturn. I will not realize these losses but rather add on more stocks to average the cost of purchases (entry prices), after all, stocks are cheaper now.

There will be a few changes to the portfolio in the coming months:

1) Reduce the number of trades - To reduce commission costs (as usual, I will try to place trades in bulks rather than small quantities to reduce the hefty commission cost)

2) Including dividend stocks to the portfolio - To yield passive income (Due to the market recession, it is a good opportunity to add in more strong blue-chip dividend stocks that are resilient and survivor of this recession)

3) Constantly investing in China mutual funds - To average the share price while taking advantage of the China market downturn from the corona-virus.

4) Diversification of portfolio - The current portfolio is concentrated towards only China and the US and the oil sector. (Will add in stocks from other sectors as well when they are at a bargain purchase)

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