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The Goal - 5W1H

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

"This is an ambitious goal.. can I really achieve it? Here I am grinding through a 60 hours work week with my first job with an average annual salary of less than $40,000... with the rising costs in Singapore and economy downturn due to the widespread of the coronavirus.."

"Not much savings and I just started my first job recently after graduating... so I am literally starting from zero to achieve financial freedom... can it be done?"

These were probably my thoughts when writing this post (probably even more but it will be too long to list down every single one of them), however, I always knew that you have to begin somewhere. Therefore, I am accepting this retirement challenge to myself and I will be blogging on my journey to my own financial freedom.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

Inspired by this quote, I will be writing down the plan to achieve this goal using the questioning method: 5W1H

Who - The Mediocre Investor

What - Retirement with $60,000 passive income by 2035 ($5,000 monthly)

When - 2035 (15 years from now)

Where - Singapore or other countries

Why - Financial freedom

How -

Starting with the equation that I am most familiar with:

Profit = Income - Expense

Therefore, I will be achieving the goal by:

1) Increasing the Income

- Active Income (Career Progression)

- Passive Income (Dividend Portfolio)

2) Decreasing the Expense

- Personal Expenses (Budgeting)

- Other Expenses (Unavoidable)

3) Hedging on the Profit

- Insurance (Protection)

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